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How to get to Ginninderry...

Please note, our address may not appear correctly on GPS... we can be found in the correct location on Google Maps.

Our property entrance gate will be open for the duration of all functions.

Otherwise, we will provide you with the gate code at time of booking.


Physical address:
Ginninderry Park
468 Parkwood Road
Via Macgregor ACT 2615

Official address (not for GPS!):
Ginninderry Park
468 Parkwood Road
Wallaroo NSW 2618


Directions once in Canberra...

1. Head west along Southern Cross Drive (follow the sun if setting)

2. We are 4.3km from the roundabout near the golf course

3. Southern Cross Drive becomes Parkwood Road: there is no need to turn off until you reach our entrance gate

4. Once the road turns to gravel, our driveway is the first on the right (400m) with the pine trees, picket fence and sign marked ‘Ginninderry Park’.  If travelling at night, you will notice a set of reflectors offset from the road – this is our gate

5. To enter, press XXXX (provided on booking) on the touchpad then CH1.  The gate will open and close automatically – you will need this code again on your departure

6. Follow the signs to either the Homestead accommodation (parking around the turning circle) or Function Centre parking.